Apr 18, 2013

java: invalid flag: -target=1.6 intellij idea

When I ran my test cases, I got this message "error: java: invalid flag: -target=1.6". I search this -"target=1.6" phrase in my project. So I re installed Intellij idea and removed .idea directory and .iml file. But I got same messages.
Finally I solved this problem by removing Additional command line parameters of java compiler.

Apr 11, 2013

How to add new node to an existing Aerospike Cluster - Using multicast

Modify /etc/citrusleaf/citrusleaf.conf as my example.

After modifying just start new node, it will be added an existing cluster automatically. You can confirm it on /var/log/citrusleaf.log with the following message.

I changed ip address to - it's wrong address -,  after I got succeeded with above configuration. So I fixed it to and restarted node. But I got some non normal message.
I issued the command and failed to get expected result - ClusterSize 2 -.

I fixed this event by restarting all nodes.

Install and Run Aerospike Community Edition on CentOS 6.2

This installation is just for CentOS 6.2. If you use other OS like Ubuntu, please see Aerospike Standard Installation.

Step 1. Download Aerospike Database Server rpm packages
You can download here.

Step 2. Untar file

Step 3. Install the Aerospike Server

Step 4. Run the Aerospike Server for Testing

Oops! I got a error message. It means "CLD is stopped!".  Let me see the log.

Aha! Aerospike can't get ip address by eth, bond, wlan. Wait! my network interface name is "bond0.2032". If they use regular expression, it would be solved. But I can't fix it, so I changed my configuration file - /etc/citrusleaf/citrusleaf.conf - as blow. I just added network-interface-name item.


network {
        service {
                address any
                port 3000
                network-interface-name bond0.2032


I ran it again and got succeeded.

Step 5. Verify Installation
I used the Aerospike command line interface tool to verity installation. It is installed as /opt/citrusleaf/bin/cli and lined in /usr/bin/cli. So you can use it normally.

It's simple, right?

Apr 10, 2013

How to install Jenkins and plugins offline.

I tried to the following commands that are introduced on Installing Jenkins on Red Hat distributions.

But I got failed. This server is not connected to internet. So I downloaded rpm package from RedHat Linux RPM packages for Jenkins and git, git-client plugins from Jenkins plugins download site to my MBA. And I uploaded them to the server and executed as blow.