Dec 7, 2012

how to remove remote branch in git(github)

It's simple to delete your remote branch.

  git push origin :

Deleting your local branch is simple too.

  git branch -d

You need to be on another branch. If you execute the command above on , you will see error message.

error: Cannot delete the branch '' which you are currently on.

Dec 6, 2012

How to make IntelliJ IDEA dark(Darcula)

If you use previous version (under 12), please import setting of Ted Wise. You can download this theme from the following URL.

If you just started IntelliJ IDEA 12,
1. Choose IntelliJ IDEA -> Preferences on Menu
2. Choose Editor -> Colors & fonts -> Scheme name
3. Choose Darcula! It's done.

Look it's beautiful!

Dec 5, 2012

Configuration of maven files to deploy to Nexus(Sonatype Nexus)

When I make a new Jenkins server, I always get a trouble with deploying module to Nexus. This memo  is just for me from future. Because I know I will search it again.

You need to write your Nexus repository information as the following.

ID is defined at pom.xml as below.