May 16, 2013

com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException: Error Code 13: Record too big

Recently I am trying to verify Aerospike can satisfy our requirements -
1. Persistent Cache for images
2. Time To Live(TTL)
3. Eviction
4. Remove all of related data by a key
5. Scale Out easily

I am testing it with YCSB to check performance. When I tried 256KB data size test, YCSB just stopped. As you know, YCSB is not kind. It doesn't show me any error message. So I ran the following code.

You can find out how to use Aerospike client here.

The result was "Record too big".

What? I already ran same test case on AWS and had no problem. They say "The size of the object or record is exceeding the limit, currently at 1MB". I just ran 256KB and 456KB. Something is wrong. I tried applying several data size files to find out MAX_SIZE. MAX_SIZE was 128KB. Finally I got a hint to solve this problem.


I am using data file because server was already configured RAID 10 with 4 SSDs and I did not want to go far far our data center. :) Anyway the reason was [write-block-size]. It makes limitation on using data file. When I use raw device([device]), I had no problem. I removed it and could run my test case.

You know what?  The max size of our images is 10MB. orz... 

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