Jul 24, 2013

Continuous Delivery Using Jenkins

Let me introduce our Jenkins jobs. If Jenkins was not exist, we would suffer from HARD HARD build and deploy jobs.

First of all, we made our server list file. Because this is very often used by Jenkins deploy and restart jobs.
Add your Jenkins user key to my_name/.ssh/authorized_key on each server.
-Jenkins Server List Configure Job-

Next step, we build our project and make backup too.
-Jenkins Build Job-
Build our project by running maven.
  clean release:clean release:prepare package -P prd

And make backup directory.

And run deploy job. Don't forget set post-build Actions. We set Build other projects(Jenkins Restart Job)
-Jenkins Deploy Job-

-Jenkins Restart Job-

Sometimes we need to revert our service. We use this job. Don't forget to set Build other projects(Jenkins Deploy Job) that it will execute Jenkins Restart Job.
-Jenkins Roll Back Job-
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